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Tai Chi / Qi Gong
A way of life adapting ancient art form

Way2health Healing Center is offering Qigong and Tai Chi (Chen style 24/48 forms) practices for beginner and advanced classes. Our Master Instructor, Liu Rui Fu, is the disciple and nephew of the infamous Martial Art Grand Master at the turn of last century in Mainland China, Wang Zi Ping.

Master Liu style incorporates external and internal Qi Gong. He teaches students of variety background knowledge in term of Martial Art. Those who have little experience in Martial Arts, it is taught as form of daily exercises to rejuvenate energy and restore health. Those who seek serious training, special classes are designed to assist student to obtain their goals.

Classes are offered in Queens, New York on a daily basis. Please call 347-666-3756 for any questions.

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Email: lily@way2health.us

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