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Lymphedema is the persistent swelling of a limb or limbs that is most often related to surgery and external trauma to local lymph nodes. In North America, common causes of lymphedema are cancer related treatments, such as radiation therapy or lymph node removal. The results of these interventions can be debilitating because the persistent swelling of a limb can reach 2-3 times the normal limb size on the affected extremity if left untreated.  

Complete Decogestive Therapy is a combination of education, exericses, special procedures that assist the body to process fluid build up in the subcutaneous tissues. It is a uniques to individual presentation of swelling. When effectively prescribed, it can successfully manage chronic swellings.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is one of the components of Complete Decongestive Therapy, when used by it self , it support the lymphatic systems to remove toxin, improve fluid reabsorption and reduce swelling temporarily.

Yi Lily Zhang is a LANA (Lymphedema Association of North America) Certified Lymphedema Therapist, specializing in recognizing and management of lymphedema using Complete Decongestive Therapy (recognized by American Cancer Society). 




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